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PCN Service/Medicines Managment

Medicines Management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Medication reviews/reauthorisations

  • Acute prescription requests

  • Reconciling hospital discharges and letters

  • Medication queries

  • Long term disease management clinics

  • Face to Face Clinics

  • Extended access service

  • Triage clinics

  • Liaising with all local pharmacies to ensure optimal medicines management

  • In-house medicines information service

  • Medication Optimisation Audits/Cost savings audits

  • Implementing drug alerts and withdrawals e.g. MHRA alerts

  • Achieving QIPP and QOF targets

In addition to this, PCD can support the PCN roles ensuring pharmacists meet the requirements set out in the DES criteria such as SMR's, chronic disease management & complex poly-pharmacy reviews etc. (Please refer to NHS England PCN requirements & entitlements contract specification for the full information).

Vitamins And Pills
Handing Out Pills

PCD will provide a fully managed service and be responsible for and lead on:

  • Recruiting a suitably trained and experienced pharmacist

  • Organising the introduction of the pharmacist with the practice

  • Providing support to the practice to redesign any current service needs surrounding

    the pharmacist and liaising with the pharmacist in place already to create an

    effective and manageable workload.

  • Providing any associated documents to support delivery of a pharmacist service

  • Other costs e.g. Indemnity, NI contributions, PAYE costs all taken up by PCD

  • Uninterrupted service with cover provided for planned leave or sick leave where


  • Up skilling and training to be provided by PCD for our staff

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