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Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions. 

1. Do we utilise ARRS funding?
Absolutely! At PCD we are able to provide a fully operational pharmacy service within primary care networks. Our service ensures all the required DES criteria met therefore making you eligible for the ARRS funding.

2. Is this a fully managed service and will implementation be organised by the PCD?
Yes. We have a very experienced management team who are able to ensure service can be built from the ground up and is then overlooked by the PCD team.

3. Do we get a trained experienced pharmacist ready to go?
Yes. At PCD we take pride in the service we provide; this includes a rigorous vetting process when hiring new members of staff. We ensure prior to starting, all our pharmacists have had the necessary training that will then allow them to hit the ground running.

4. Will PCD provide training and support?
Yes. The service will be managed by the PCD team, this also includes all training and support. We will also ensure all mandatory training is completed prior to starting and updated accordingly all pharmacists have access to the wider pharmacist team which acts a support network and a platform for learning and development.

5. Will we have a direct contact with a PCD manager to liase with for any queries and questions?
Yes. PCD operates with a hands-on approach, therefore direct access to the directors is always provided, with a named contact and their details given at the start of the contract.

6. What is the lead time to source and implement a pharmacist?
We aim to have a pharmacist in place within 4-6 weeks.

7. Can I get a non ARRS funded service?
Yes, we can deliver a fully bespoke service catered to the exact number of hours you need and focus on specific projects.

8. What happens with Maternity leave etc?
PCD will ensure that the service continues to run in the event that an employee was to take extended unexpected leave.

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