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Our Managed Clinical Services

"Our duty is to train exceptional & resourceful Clinical Pharmacists that thrive in an environment of challenge with our help & support"

At PCD we aim to provide services that reduce the workload of GPs across the UK by utilising our network of highly skilled and experienced Clinical Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians.

We have highlighted that general practitioners spend approximately 20 - 30% of their time dealing with an extensive range of activities relating to prescribing, many of these tasks can be accomplished by a Clinical Pharmacist who is able to support a primary care team.

PCN Services
PCN Service/Medicines Management

PCD aims to develop and deliver a high-quality medicine optimisation and management service. Our highly trained clinical pharmacists can deliver these time-consuming matters in a more cost-effective manner, which in turn releases GP time.

Remote Telephone Triaging
Remote Telephone Triaging

PCD offers a remote telephone triaging system to help surgeries direct patients to the most appropriate care and prioritise those most in need of medical attention.  During the current pandemic this service has been crucial for patients across the UK.

Advanced Clinical Practitioners
Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACPs)

ACPs at PCD have received adequate training and experience to allow them to work competently and autonomously.  

They provide a patient-focused service, whereby they work autonomously to review acutely unwell patients.

Pharmacy Technicians
Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy Technicians are key members of the multidisciplinary team, engaging with patients and liaising with other healthcare professionals in both primary and secondary care, to support safe and effective use of medicines.

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